Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, and more


Where are the Silicon Valley’s places to visit?

The Silicon Valley, the hotbed of technological innovation, is home to a number of historic and exciting places to visit.
So when you hop in the taxi cab, here are the places you to visit.


Although it is a website, its headquarters is not like any other in the Silicon Valley.
This online photo sharing website is settled in Mountain View and allows for visitors to enjoy their cafeteria, ogle their giant photos, or ride their Go Karts.

HP Garage

This landmark is not open for tours but anxious visitors can photograph the famed building from the sidewalk. This garage is where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard developed HP’s first product in 1938 – a sign of things to come.

Coupa Café

Located in downtown Palo Alto, this café features tech heads and investors meeting up to test out products. You can even pay using bitcoin, the consummate tech coffee shop.
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