Flying Comfortably from Cupertino


Warm Clothes, Carry-On, and Airport Shuttle Service

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful or unpleasant. With the right precautions, it can become comfortable and downright enjoyable. Here are ways to enhance the experience.

Warm Clothes

Even if you’re going somewhere warm, flight conditions can be rather frigid. It’s a good idea to wear layers that are easy-to-peel. Covering up in the air and stripping down on the tarmac will help you relax.


This feat requires a bit of finesse. Try and fit all your clothes and other items into one reasonably sized carry-on bag. Without luggage, you allow yourself a more lenient travel itinerary.

Airport Shuttle Service

Booking transportation to-and-from the airport in advance is perhaps the biggest favor you can do yourself. Not only do you get to leave your car at home but you don’t have to fight traffic all the way to the airport.
We, at Sky Cab, understand how frustrating flying from busy SFO and San Jose International can be. We make it a more simple process by happily driving you, punctually and safely.

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