Priceless in Palo Alto and beyond

The reliability of a taxi driver cannot be understated. Hail a cab and you’ll see, the man or woman behind the wheel is more than a chauffeur, he or she is a professional.

You won’t find a cab driver struggling to decipher directions to any given location. You won’t find a cab driver without his or her qualifications plainly displayed. And you definitely will not find a cab driver operating a vehicle with a check engine light on.

Your best bet for security

Cab drivers are fully acquainted with their service areas. They are more than certified to safely operate a vehicle. And their cabs are often in tip-top shape. These claims can be made in confidence because taxi drivers are not self-employed. They’re protected employees. They work for taxi cab companies.

Top companies like Sky Cab, leading cab enterprise to the Silicon Valley, whose drivers are informed and skilled, driving regularly maintained vehicles. When you hail one of our drivers, rest assured, you’re hailing dependability.

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