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3 Tips for a Stress Free Flight


1. Plan your bag:  This tip is strongly stressed in almost any airport, and while it may seem like an obvious tip, it is very important. Make sure that your luggage meets all the airports requirements. You don’t want to be stopped at customs because your shampoo bottle is a few ounces to big. Trust me, it happens.

2. Travel Smart, and safe: Always keep your personal information and documents in a safe place. An airport is a very easy place for crime to occur, big crowds and lots of bags, it can be very easy to get confused or to  lose track of your luggage. Try tagging your bags with noticeable tape, or something easy to spot (this will also help you locate your bags when your flight lands). Make sure your passport, wallet and ticket are on your person and tucked away safely at all times, don’t be a victim.

3. Plan the details: Standing line for a rent-a-car or fighting over a taxi can be an awful experience especially after a long flight and while jet lagged. Plan it out, have a friend waiting for you when you land or pre-book a car so its waiting there for you.

Remember always be prepared and plan ahead. While the experience you have at an airport isn’t entirely in your control following these tips can make a huge difference. Flying into the San Francisco area? Sky Cab offer’s 24 hour Taxi and Airport pick up services, to make your next airport experience all the better.

3 Reasons To Use An Online Taxi Rental Agency


Hailing a cab can be a hassle; however, thanks to the convenience of the internet, it’s easier than ever.

  1. 24/7 Service: Before the internet and smartphones simplified the process so much, after a certain hour, it became almost impossible to get a cab. Now, anyone with a smartphone can get home or to the airport safely literally any time they desire.
  2. Lowest price guarantee: You can ensure you’re getting a cheaper deal than if you were to just hail a random cab.
  3. Flexible: It’s easier than ever to reschedule or cancel your trip with a few simple clicks.