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How To Choose The Right Taxi Cab


Even those of us with a vehicle end up needing a cab at some point in our life. It’s important you feel comfortable with the taxi company you get a lift from. That being said, we’ve compiled some tips to help you find the right taxi service.

 Ask for a discount: Sky Cab offers a Low Price Guarantee. There is no better offer than getting the lowest cost. Make sure to inquire about the pricing when you call the taxi service.

Go With Your Gut: Ultimately you want to be satisfied with the customer service provided. If you call and are unhappy with the persons demeanor, keep shopping.

 Do Your Research: It pays to ask around and look online. If a company has high reviews, odds are you’ll be satisfied

From San Jose to San Francisco



The Silicon Valley is the place to be

For over 40 years, the strip of land stretching from San Jose to San Francisco, through cities like Palo Alto, Cupertino, and San Mateo, has been a hotbed of technological innovation. The many advancements coming from the famed valley have been integral to the growth of society for the past four decades.

Today, that particular regional uniqueness is alive and strong. As a result, scores of bright individuals make the move every year with the hopes of developing the next big startup. As Los Angeles is the community for entertainment, the Silicon Valley has certainly become profiled as the community for techies.

Sky Cab

To that, we offer a huge WELCOME! If you’re settling into your new Silicon Valley digs, getting ready to make it happen, remember that we at Sky Cab are driving around. Our drivers are always prepared to cart you to any meeting, lunch date, or interview you could possibly have – safely and on time! Visit our website or call (650)-336-4336 to book your ride, today!



Priceless in Palo Alto and beyond

The reliability of a taxi driver cannot be understated. Hail a cab and you’ll see, the man or woman behind the wheel is more than a chauffeur, he or she is a professional.

You won’t find a cab driver struggling to decipher directions to any given location. You won’t find a cab driver without his or her qualifications plainly displayed. And you definitely will not find a cab driver operating a vehicle with a check engine light on.

Your best bet for security

Cab drivers are fully acquainted with their service areas. They are more than certified to safely operate a vehicle. And their cabs are often in tip-top shape. These claims can be made in confidence because taxi drivers are not self-employed. They’re protected employees. They work for taxi cab companies.

Top companies like Sky Cab, leading cab enterprise to the Silicon Valley, whose drivers are informed and skilled, driving regularly maintained vehicles. When you hail one of our drivers, rest assured, you’re hailing dependability.

Visit our website or call (650)-336-4336 for more information!



In with traditional taxi services

Uber isn’t just a pretty little app. If you sit and look past all the bells and whistles, you’ll find that the ride-sharing application is a risky venture. Here are some reasons why.

It is largely unregulated

One of Uber’s strategies is to use its popularity among users to hound local governing bodies into allowing operation. In some cities, it is not allowed, but the app continues to run unfettered.

Irresponsible ambiguity

Uber is not a transportation company, officially they are a technological company. With this strategic change in orientation, they can wash their hands of many Uber-related auto incidents.

Sky Cab

When you’re in the Bay Area and need a ride, forget Uber. We at Sky Cab are ready to pick you up and deliver you to your destination. There is nothing vague about our service. Our experienced drivers know the areas and will navigate it safely and efficiently.

Visit our website or call (650)-336-4336 to book a ride, today!



Shuttle to and fro from Los Altos, Santa Clara, or Mountain View

For Silicon Valley residents, there are only a few options to rely on when it’s time to fly. Odds are you’ll have to pop up to the Bay Area, but that’s never really a problem considering how awesome these airports are.

San Francisco International Airport– SFO

The biggest and baddest of the bunch in the Bay Area, SFO is the 7th busiest airport in the United States and an important gateway to Europe or Asia. It also has a popular aviation museum.

Oakland International Airport – OAK

Owned by the Oakland Port, this airport is a primary post for Southwest and Allegiant Airlines. Have business in Mexico? You’ll most likely fly out of here.

Mineta San Jose International Airport – SJC

Named after former Transportation Secretary, former San Jose mayor, and native San Josean, Norman Mineta, this airport is right in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

We at Sky Cab, are the premier taxi agency for the Silicon Valley with a slew of satisfied customers. If you need a shuttle to either of these airports, we have the experienced drivers and quality taxis that can get you there quickly and safely.

Visit our website or call (650)-336-4336 to make a reservation, today!

Choosing a Santa Clara Taxi Service over Uber



Cheap and Fast

Now, more than ever, is the time when taxi services must prove to young people how much more valuable they are, then ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. Because they are, for these three reasons.

They’re Cheaper

In the long run, you’ll spend less on taxi cabs then on a ride sharing app. It’s easy to run up your credit card when hailing cabs through your phone. If you keep doing it, it WILL catch up. Real taxi cabs keep you honest.

They’re Faster

Although both types of services feature GPS capabilities, cab drivers use them as an accessory whereas Uber drivers RELY on them. No contest – more than likely a cab driver has been serving the area for years and know its ins, outs, and shortcuts like the back of his or her hand.

It is not hard to understand. Companies like us, Sky Cab, are of more value to riders. Especially in Santa Clara and the surrounding Silicon Valley where more and more people move every day and the roads get increasingly more complex to navigate. We boast years of experience and can get you from A to B in no time.

Visit our website or call (650)-336-4336 to book your car, today!

Flying Comfortably from Cupertino


Warm Clothes, Carry-On, and Airport Shuttle Service

Flying doesn’t have to be stressful or unpleasant. With the right precautions, it can become comfortable and downright enjoyable. Here are ways to enhance the experience.

Warm Clothes

Even if you’re going somewhere warm, flight conditions can be rather frigid. It’s a good idea to wear layers that are easy-to-peel. Covering up in the air and stripping down on the tarmac will help you relax.


This feat requires a bit of finesse. Try and fit all your clothes and other items into one reasonably sized carry-on bag. Without luggage, you allow yourself a more lenient travel itinerary.

Airport Shuttle Service

Booking transportation to-and-from the airport in advance is perhaps the biggest favor you can do yourself. Not only do you get to leave your car at home but you don’t have to fight traffic all the way to the airport.
We, at Sky Cab, understand how frustrating flying from busy SFO and San Jose International can be. We make it a more simple process by happily driving you, punctually and safely.

Visit our website or call (650)-336-4336 for more information!

Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, and more


Where are the Silicon Valley’s places to visit?

The Silicon Valley, the hotbed of technological innovation, is home to a number of historic and exciting places to visit.
So when you hop in the taxi cab, here are the places you to visit.


Although it is a website, its headquarters is not like any other in the Silicon Valley.
This online photo sharing website is settled in Mountain View and allows for visitors to enjoy their cafeteria, ogle their giant photos, or ride their Go Karts.

HP Garage

This landmark is not open for tours but anxious visitors can photograph the famed building from the sidewalk. This garage is where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard developed HP’s first product in 1938 – a sign of things to come.

Coupa Café

Located in downtown Palo Alto, this café features tech heads and investors meeting up to test out products. You can even pay using bitcoin, the consummate tech coffee shop.
There is a lot to see in the Silicon Valley so make sure you have a reliable taxi cab service to take you to and fro. We, at Sky Cab, know our way around, operating throughout Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and more.
Visit our website and learn how to hail one of our cabs through the web!     

3 of the Best Ways to Get Around While Travelling


  1. Taxi – Taxis are one of the best ways to travel in a place you aren’t familiar with.  Most taxi drivers know their way around town, and can direct you to wherever you want to visit. This will prevent you from wasting time.
  2. Public transit – Public transportation is a great way to enjoy a hands on vacation. You get to mingle with locals and is one of the cheapest options. You run the risk of getting lost, but the transit system usually has employees that can direct you.
  3. Rental car – By far one of the most convenient options, but one of the most expensive and easiest to get lost. Make sure you are familiar with the local traffic laws and have a GPS handy.


Need a taxi service that is always available? operates 24/7 and 365 days. You can always depend on Sky Cab.


3 Tips for Taxi Travelers


  1. Know Where You are Going: Cab drivers are not necessarily master navigators. Make sure you know how to get to your destination before entering a cab to protect your trip against wrong turns.
  2. Speak your Mind: If you are feeling uncomfortable with the radio station or climate during your cab ride, always speak your mind. You deserve a quality driving experience.
  3. Tip: Cab drivers make most of their living on tips. If they drive well, it is customary to tip your cab driver.


Do you need a good cab service? Sky Cab offers quality cab drivers, perfect for taking you wherever you are headed.